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December 30, 2008
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All the Myriad Megas by General-RADIX All the Myriad Megas by General-RADIX
I hope you guys enjoy this bastard of a picture, because it damn near drove me insane. Seriously; I was hunched over my desk for so long that my back STILL hurts; I started at a little past 7 in the morning and, including hours spent at Tennessee, didn't finish until 8:39 P.M..

As the title says, this is a compilation of every variation of Megaman that I know of, save for Rock.EXE, X, Zero, Subaru, and the final version of Trigger. X has his own army of variations, and the others are their own characters.

Special thanks goes to The Mechanical Maniacs, MMHP, The Video Game Museum, Megaman Legends Station, Protodude's Rockman Corner, Magweasel, The Video Game Memorabilia Museum, TMMN, Sprites Inc. and RPM for references. Without them I would be in the nuthouse.

*Trigger's appearance in the early DASH demo resembles Megaman more closely than his final design; hence his inclusion. The same goes for Beta Rock.EXE (those of you who've gone through my gallery will recognize him as MM9's Navi).

*The cameos and Felicia are different enough from Mega's regular design to warrant inclusion.

* The "?" Megaman comes from a card that RPM member Flame posted before its nasty crash, if I remember correctly. It looks vaguely like ~mastafuu's artwork, but thanks to the quality I can't be sure.

*The name of the artist of the cartoony Megaman (not chibi or RS) escapes me. : (

*The two beta-RS Megamen didn't actually have colour schemes; I had to improvise.

I have two more to complete, because I'm a freaking masochist. This is one of the last pictures, if not THE last, of 2008 that I'll be uploading. Soon, I'll forget that it's 2009 and keep putting down "2008" and have to correct myself at the last moment. Good times.
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I kinda like it when Rock is a darker shade of blue.
So many Mega Men... It's amazing how many variations there are now. The MM1-2 design is probably my favorite; there's something about it that I find adorable.

Awesome job drawing all of these, by the way. :D
Thanks. :)

I'd say that all the different takes on the characters and settings are one thing that makes MM an interesting series. :)
Awesome work,but the font is too small so i can't read their names
Not even after hitting "download"?
DestinyDecade Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So many Megas, so little time.
Hey Radix, Long time non-seen, how you been doing?.
spriting and drawing once again if you visit my account lately.
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