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September 30, 2011
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Felt pen doodles 5 by General-RADIX Felt pen doodles 5 by General-RADIX
More writing than usual, I think.

* I've seen that design for Piano on Pixiv, though I don't think it was the first (originally, she wore a white dress with black accents). She's from that Rockmen R fangame, by the way.

* Can't remember if anyone drew a Maverick Navigator prior to Glitch here, so I won't go around yelling "FIRST". With her, I had "Alia's opposite" in mind, though that's not very evident.

* Roll/Jazz has to do with an old RP between Liz and ~bladewyng, I think.

* She raises a good point, Proto. After thinking about that, and what ~MSipher had to say on the manner (I think it was in the comments for that "Interview with Joe Ruby" journal)...why did so many people assume he was a straight good guy back then? (OK, maybe there was something in MM8 I've forgotten) Seems a bit more neutral prior to 9--or 10, if one doesn't consider DLC-Proto's thing to be canon.

* iX and Zaia getting along? Can't imagine why.

* You know, I mis-dated that old microscopic sketch of mine; it should be from '03 or '04. D'oh.

* Yakasa refers to this old bit of MMX fanon--someone tried to translate the climax of the X3 manga, got X's name wrong (maybe have been using a Chinese version), and for a while, X's "true name" was Yakasa. So of course I had to make him a character in his own right, based on X and his armour from Rockman Online.

* I was looking for an oldish doodle of Greene/GBD's hair and instead found a hilarious (to me) pic of Protosheepscarf.
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bladewyng Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
An uber old RP...Jazz eventually became a separate persona and got his own body outside of Roll and became Voodoo Man and lots of long stories and make me wanna post my old Mega Man things here on DA (well the old stuff that I forgot was on Sheezy.)

...and not sure if Liz told you, but I squeed in the chat after seeing the Jazz/Roll armor. <3

Between you and Liz, I've started to draw Mega Man characters again, so thank you.
You're welcome. :)
...You drew Zaiakuman fistbumping iX. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how absolutely happy that makes me. Seriously, just.. oh. my. goodness.

Also Delta! my old old friend, it's a shame he got out of the megaman fandom, but me and him were really close.
hey did u like vudu007's OC katana ??? just wandering
Her design, yes.
but the not character itself??
Well...sort of. I don't think she had a consistent back story.
like there's no back story about katana?? kinda like that
RandyPandy Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lol the Proto Man scarf. The literal one, that is. xDD

Roll's got a point about Proto barely doing anything. >.>

Hm, I remember Yakasa... used to see it in fanfictions all the time when I was younger.
Maybe it's just because I don't read much fanfic, but my Ancient Theories/Fanon thread was the first time I ever heard of it.
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