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Power of None by General-RADIX Power of None by General-RADIX
A.K.A. the result of RADIX wondering what a CV "harem" game's cast would look like. Hopefully, Konami would not be insane enough to make a porno out of a similar idea.

Since Drac is still dead, he can't be the guy running the ominous castle that sprang up out of nowhere. This castle is different in build than any other incarnation of Castlevania, and even seems to have a full-fledged town within its boundaries. Regardless of who owns it, bad things have been happening ever since it appeared, so Zaki and his band of hunters, in the absence of a Belmont, decide to destroy it themselves.

* Zaki: main character, thirteen years old. He fights with a sword that has been in the household ever since he can remember. It's possible that he and his sister Zabel are foreigners to Romania.

Viable options:

* Arnia: A young vampire from a wealthy family isolated from humans. His parents were disappointed to find that he wasn't a girl, so he dressed like his sisters in hopes of appeasing them. It didn't work, so he eventually left.

He's clueless about men, having never been around any that weren't his father.

* Gareth Garibaldi: A few centuries ago, his family's temple was overrun by monters and taken over by Legion; now, they still haven't reclaimed it. Gareth himself is trying to balance his magical and physical abilities, but isn't doing a good job of it.

* Daphne: Her weapon of choice is rather unusual, but no one's going to question how she got it. She's not an inherently violent person, but her experiences in Romania prompted her to greet Zaki the way she greeted everyone--at swordpoint. Once she realized everything was all right, though, she became much friendlier.

* Tyr: A young woman whose skills with the knife weren't enough to keep demons from capturing her. They said that, as long as she danced, she wouldn't be handed over to the vampires. Zaki and co. saved her, and she immediately took a liking to the blue-haired boy--perhaps too much so.

* Coller II: A fighter who was already on her way to the castle. Proficient in hand-to-hand combat, she doesn't need any weapons or subweapons. Though a likable individual, there's some things about her that creep everyone else out.

* Felix: He claims to be a werecat, but he has no human form. Like Coller, he forgoes weapons, but it's less "punch their lights out" and more "scratch them to pieces". He's rather loud and obnoxious, and follows many typical cat mannerisms.


* Maria Renard: Hoping that this new castle will yield some clues as to Richter's whereabouts, she joins Zaki's group.

* Rusty: A whip-wielding woman who defeated a crony of Dracula's, Monte Carlo, a few years ago. Her skills rival those of the Belmonts', but she has no relation to them.

* Zabel: Zaki's older sister. She prefers using dark magic to fight, no matter what others think of her for it.


* Maria's look comes from the canceled "CV: The Bloodletting" game. At least, I hope it does--all I had to go off of were a few sprites.

* Rusty comes from the PC-98 game of the same name. Like the CV series, there's some consistency gaffs concerning her outfit--it's dark blue on the box, light blue in-game, and red in cutscenes. I went with light blue.

* Coller II--or rather, Coller2--would have been in one of the N64 CV games, had she not been cut.
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Laharl234 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
How did Maria get brown hair before the invention of hair dye?
General-RADIX Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
Inconsistent Castlevania character designs Magic.
Laharl234 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
ROFL. But she has blond hair in Rondo and Symphony.
Pendragonkuro Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
...Oh my.:ohnoes:
Ragnarode Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
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