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February 9, 2009
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Ruby-Spears Bass by General-RADIX Ruby-Spears Bass by General-RADIX
I think I'm the only one who imagines RS-Bass as a non-combatant programmer/hacker. Everyone thinks he'll be all "AAAAARRR MUTILATE DESTROY KOMBAT", but as Gauntlet pointed out, it's entirely possible (more than likely, in fact) that he'd simply be a regular, like Snakeman or Elecman.

See, this is the fans attempting to force RS-MM to totally adhere to the game canon. As the writers have already demonstrated, it doesn't have to. Hell, who says they'd even use his English name? (These AREN'T necessarily the same fans that can't get over the square on Mega's helmet being turned to look like a diamond)

So...hacker Bass. Yeah.

Bass took over most of the computer-related functions in Skull Castle in 2014, freeing up many others (mostly Protoman) for other jobs. Due to his position, Megaman didn't know he existed until a year later, when he was brought to the Castle. Bass is extremely quiet and non-social; Wily finds this a welcome alternative to Protoman's...well, everything.

Durr, I hate spambots.
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MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009
Heh. Great picture. He looks bored.

PS; You weren't the only one who pictured a Ruby-Spears version of Bass. I did once or twice shortly after the release of MM7. And I always thought that he'd make the ideal rival for Megaman. But of course since Protoman was always on the wrong side throughout the entire 2 seasons, I have a feeling Protoman and Bass would be too much for Megaman to handle alone. And they'd most likely try to kill each other for the sake of proving whose better and who gets to destroy Megaman first. And also, I always wondered how Bass's voice would be like if he was ever introduced in the show.
LightDemonCodeH Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
Create Forte.exe
-> Forte.exe created.
Run Forte.exe
-> Error: "Forte.exe" contains no data!
Copy Rockman.exe
-> copied. Please rename file?
-> File renamed successful! "Corruption.exe *Copy of Rockman.exe*
Display Corruption.exe directives
->0. Upload web mirror avatar Rockman.exe
->1. Protect others
->2. Defeat evil, bad, not good things
->3. Use minimal memory for knoweldege
->4. Use weapons *Battle Chips*
Edit Corruption.exe directives
-> Which avatar to upload?!
web mirror Forte.exe
-> Main Objective?
Amass as much power as possible
-> Purpose?
to become the most powerful.
-> Memory allocation?
All memory to knowledge download all excess data to World Three servers as encrypted, read-only, password, archive files
-> Battle systems?
Use weapons. Create Avatars, unlimited access
*20 seconds later*
->Forte.EXE is creating Gospel.exe ! Allow?
LightShadowArtist Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
Geez, he looks bored. XD

"Hmm... yep, hacked that site... same with that one... Ohh, a new site?! ...Nope, hacked that one too."

Nice job!
General-RADIX Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
Wait...does this mean Bass is secretly in league with 4chan?!

LightShadowArtist Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009

No problem!
Risyel Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
But you can tell me be... because he is blond?????
I like Black hair.... ^^
StephODell Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Once they made Proto evil, it was the last nail in Bass' coffin.

Granted, I'd have preferred Bass over Proto being the bad guy any day, but Scott MacNeil's version was too awesome not to like. ;P
General-RADIX Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Yeah. Now Protoman shall forever sound like Scott McNeil (wish I could say the same for Blues.EXE). :)

M. Sipher suggested on his website that Mr. McNeil also voice Bass, and given the man's range, I don't think it'd be hard for him. Whether or not Bass would get much screentime is another thing...
StephODell Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Agreed. His talant is easily able to allow him to do that.

The whole 'Bass getting screentime' thing is debatable, but they'd have been crazy to pass him over.

I suspect they'd throw in at least one fish joke, just to piss him off.
LordMuttonChops Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
what series does RS stand for?
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