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May 16, 2010
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This 'Bot Is Mine by General-RADIX This 'Bot Is Mine by General-RADIX
Well, you've got a lot of fighting-off to do, Ms. Aran.

This picture would have been my backup for Mr. Miyabi's 2010 Valentines contest, as I had panicked over missing something in the rules. After I was told that it was acceptable, though, my other pic just sorta sat on my desk for several months, before I looked upon it today and decided to finish it, dammit.

That task took all day. Of course. :(

Suffice it to say that everyone in this pic has or has had interest in Rock (with Roll excluded because, while some Capcom material might suggest it, brother-sister incest doesn't float my boat).

* Tornadoman: Unsure of his feelings. Then again, he's unsure about a lot of things, since he got such a crappy start in life.

* Plantman: Rock saved him from a horrible future as a reprogrammed slave, so I don't think it'd be too far-fetched that he'd develop feelings for the blue bomber. (His plants are still first priority, though)

* Simon Belmont: ...well, he did eventually go on to marry Serena (the lady from Haunted Castle, one of the hardest damned CV games ever), so...

* Cortana: The Foxinator and I once toyed with the idea of her having a crush on Rock, so in she went. (Doesn't hurt that in our discussions, she borrowed Rock's body)

* Megagirl: She thought Rock was cute. She also thought that he needed to stop saying that America is weird.

* Miku Hatsune: is a yandere, and may take drastic action if Samus doesn't start running.

* Ado: developed a crush on Rock, after spending a few days on terra firma with him.

* Samus Aran: is the woman whom Rock is devoted to, among other things; unfortunately, she is much older than him, and the universe abhors cougars (actual or no).

* Morrigan: She stole Rock once.

* Chelsea: This is kinda cheating, as she's Rock's ex.

* Emily, the unofficial name of that pink-haired girl from Evil88's video: She has a crush on Rock.

* Quickman: He repressed his memories of getting sliced to bits with his own razor wire, and for the time being, has a sort of friendly rivalry with Rock.

* Protoman: Since this isn't RS-Proto, he doesn't necessarily want Rock all to himself, but he would like to get closer than that.

* ~lilirulu's Daughter Witch: Had a crush on Rock that generally resulted in him getting pinched and such. He tries to avoid her.

* Chun-Li: If she has feelings for him, she doesn't let him know that; the only hints Rock gets are that she can be somewhat obsessed with him. She's the one Rock is the most worried about, because she could have Samus arrested when she decides that competition is for squares.
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I'm fine with gay stuff, but isn't Protoman Megaman's brother?
The4StarGeneral Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
(Mega) Why do I have to get myself into these kind of situations!?
Is it wrong of me to think that Samus could take all of them and win?
HedgehogGamer Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
NOPE. :)
Great, so I'm not crazy :)
HedgehogGamer Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep. :)
Then did Morrigan stole Megaman?
When? Not canonically; it was just an idea I tossed around.
Would be fun if id really did :D
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